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IRIA 2024 | Vijayawada


76th Annual Conference of
The Indian Radiological & Imaging Association

Hosted by : IRIA AP Chapter

25th - 28th Jan 2024
CK Convention Center, Vijayawada, India

" The local transport to and from the venue will be only from the conference hotels"

Welcome to 76th Indian Radiological and Imaging
Association - IRIA 2024, VIJAYAWADA,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Dear Esteemed Colleagues in Radiology,

My Hearty Greetings to you All!

Radiology in India has made rapid strides for which the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association - IRIA is responsible to a great extent.

The key trends for Radiology and imaging are application of Artificial Intelligence solutions to improve clinical efficiency, automation of radiology workflows for optimized scalability, orchestration and coordination of radiology workflows, reliance on web based or cloud radiology systems and many more.

Today, the challenges before the Radiologists are Tissue Characterization and the Invisible Radiologist. Now, Radiological technology is shifting from a disruptive period to a sustaining phase. At this juncture, IRIA has a “Big Role” to play in shaping and preparing the radiologists for future.

Thanks to the dynamic IRIA leadership over the past few recent years, IRIA in association with ICRI is greatly promoting the knowledge skills of all the Radiologists of the country in multiple ways. In addition to bringing out a multi volume comprehensive world class text book of Radiology and conducting the much acclaimed regular online classes which won many world records, it has also taken up the gigantic task of launching the MICR exam which is acclaimed as one of the standard ones in its class, the world over.

Keeping pace with these motivating and purpose oriented efforts of IRIA, this 76th IRIA National Conference has invited reputable speakers from across India and the world who will impart their expertise on several topics of new innovations in Radiology which will keep our colleagues "AHEAD OF TIMES IN IMAGING".

I am sure by the end of the 4th day of the 76th IRIA conference at Vijayawada, every participant Radiology delegate will be enriched with skills of "IMAGING - BEYOND IMAGINATION".

The 76th Annual Conference of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association will be held from 25th to 28th of January 2024 at Vijayawada, the historic city of Andhra Pradesh. Vijayawada, the City of Victory is also known as “The Venice of South”, “The Financial Capital of Andhra Pradesh” and “The Fleet Street of Andhra” with a history of 2000 years. River Krishna and its canals, among them Buckingham Canal is the longest canal of 796Km, flowing from Vijayawada to Chennai.

Vijayawada is a great Pilgrim Centre with Goddess Kanaka Durga Temple and some of the Ancient Churches, Mosques, Jain Temples and Gurudwaras.

As Chairman of the 76th National Conference of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association, I extend a warm and hearty Welcome to all the Radiologists from across the globe on behalf of all the Radiologists of the state of Andhra Pradesh..

Dr. Mohan Prasad GV.
76th IRIA National Conference, Vijayawada

Dr. G.V. Mohan Prasad

Organising Chairman

Dr. Varaprasad N Vemuri

Organising Secretary

Dr. Kuldeep Chalasani

Organising Secretary

Dr. C. Amarnath

Organising Chairman - Central IRIA

Dr. Sandeep Kavthale

Organising Secretary - Central IRIA

Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Treasurer - Central IRIA

Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA)

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CK Convention Center, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

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